cracker images from across the seasons


This is the very ancient recipe page for the CRACKER race team.

Cracker has a full oven and a decent galley for a race boat.
Sadly we only have two three four (!) recipes, but they are
excellent ones, and surely enough for a few Michelin stars?

If you are short of time, or in training, stick with (a)
ee also courgettes

(a) Cracker Hot Buttered Rum


what you do...

  • darkest brown sugar
  • salted butter
  • cleanish water
  • dark rum
  • single cream
  • outmeg

(1) melt about a cup of sugar in water, bring to the boil.. simmer for about 5 minutes, stir in butter (about half a pat - say 125 gm)

(2) as soon as butter is melted remove it from the heat. Put rum in glasses (you could warm rum a little if you have the patience), top with the mixture, swirl in single cream, add a pinch of nutmeg on top.

(4) Smell, sigh, drink, repeat

you can choose the water to rum ratios - very strong is very good, we haven't tested weak yet.

(b) Cheese on toast


what you do...

  • cheese
  • bread
  • some butter
  • worcestereshire sauce

(1) mix cheese, butter and worcestereshire sauce

(2) place mix on bread

(3) toast bread

(4) eat

(5) repeat (1) - (5) until full or no cheese

(c) Baked potatoes


what you do...

  • potatoes (2 more than total crew number)
  • beans, cheese, tuna, bacon, anything frankly, but probably not crisps.
  • some butter
  • quite a lot of time

(1) at last mark of race place potatoes in oven, at highish heat. Allow to roll around during remainder of race (good for v. crispy skins)

(2) finish race

(3) return to berth

(4) put boat away

(5) remove potatoes, add butter and stuff (everyone will want different), eat, welcome visitors (what is it about baked potateos?)

(d) Rum and cake

(this started as a typo but turns out to be very tasty)


what you do...

  • cake (any cake (we've tried Swiss Roll and Angel cake even - probably others are better but these are good enough!)
  • rum (obviously Mount Gay, or Tortuga Gold)

(1) cut cake

(2) tip rum on cake

(3) eat

for variety try

(1) pour rum

(2) put cake in rum

(3) eat