cracker 2002 season photogallery

well, it was a hugely enjoyable first season, with lots to do and lots to learn and lots to add to cracker - new sails, winches, systems, technology, rum

enjoy these images, more next year

Roll 3 - 106
very early season - lots of work to do yet...
trip pole drops - melissa in harness - ghastly spinnaker
rick on mast duty - that old mainsail was 'orrible wasn't it
gary looking trim, or at least trimming
club race and we seem to be going quite well - it must be all those girls!
katie swaps her mainsheet for the wheel
toby trimming the 110sq m kite
sailors have no taste in hats - stephen and melissa prove it

the team at ramsgate week - first set of team shirts - dave, stephen, carole, toby, alex, katie, rick, melissa

Cracker being lowered
cracker lifted out at fox's marina
Roll 38 - 10
carole comes up from the navigation table/ bar "where ish we?"
Roll 38 - 11
katie navigates the carole way
Roll 38 - 14
it was a tough night - on the way to the race course, early morning
Roll 38 - 18
tied up in ramsgate - it was a great fun week with some good sailing...
Roll 38 - 21
...and some good eating
Roll 38 - 24
very early in ramsgate harbour
Roll 42 - 12
toby and rick launch their new mackay 49er in the autumn
Roll 66 - 22
melissa and emma in their new mackay 470

Roll 77 - 62
it was a good season with quite a few trophies - but not this one

in auckland at the rnzys to watch the louis vuitton finals


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